XXXX; Contract for Services
        This contract for the personal services of musicians, made this
        ______ day of ____________ 19____, between the undersigned
        Employer (hereinafter called the 'Employer') and ______________
        musicians (hereinafter called 'Employees').
        Witnessed that the Employer hires the Employees as musicians
        severally on the terms and conditions below. The Leader represents
        that the Employees already designated have agreed to be bound by
        said the said terms and conditions. The Employees severally
        agree to render collectively to the Employer services as musicians
        as the band known as XXXX.
        Name and address of place of engagement:
        Date of employment: _____________________________________________
        Hours of employment: ____________________________________________
        Set up time: _______________ Intermission(s): ___________________
        Type of engagement (Dance, Stage Show, Banquet, Etc.) : _________
        Wages agreed upon: ______________________________________________
        To Be Paid: _____________________________________________________
        This wage does include expenses agreed to be reimbursed by the
        Employer in accordance with the attached schedule, or a schedule
        to be furnished the Employer on or before the date of engagement.
                        Additional Terms and Conditions
        If any members have not been chosen upon the signing of this
        contract, the leader shall, as an agent for the Employer and
        under his instructions, hire such persons and any replacements
        as required for persons who for any reason does not or cannot
        perform any or all services. Employer shall, at all times have
        complete control over the services of the Employees under this
        contract, and the leader shall, as an agent of the Employer,
        enforce disciplinary measures for just cause, and carry out
        instructions as to selections and manner of performance. The
        agreement of the Employees to perform is subject to proven
        detention by sickness, accidents, or accidents to means of
        transportation, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or
        any other legitimate conditions beyond the control of the
        The performances to be rendered pursuant to this agreement are
        not to be recorded, reproduced, or transmitted from the place of
        performance, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, in the
        absence of a written agreement between the Employer and the
        undersigned agent relating and permitting such recording,
        reproduction or transmission.

        If the Employer breaches this agreement, he shall pay the Employees,
        in addition to damages, 6% interest thereon plus a reasonable
        attorney's fee necessary for the enforcement of the contract.
        The undersigned agent is acting herein in order to secure employment
        and is not responsible to any party herein for any breach of this
        agreement by either party or for any damages or injuries arising out
        of said employment to either the Employer or the Employees and it
        is hereby specifically agreed by the Employer that the the agent is
        not responsible for the failure of either party to perform hereunder
        and all parties agree to hold the agent harmless therefrom.
        The Employer is signing this contract himself, or having the same
        signed by a representative, acknowledges his (her or their)
        authority to do so, and hereby assumes liability for the amount
        stated herein.
        ____________________________         XXXX
        Employer's Name
        ____________________________         ______________________________
        Employer's Signature                 Leaders Signature
        ____________________________         ______________________________
        Street Address                       Leaders Name
        ____________________________         ______________________________
        City                 State           Mailing Address
        ____________________________	     ______________________________
        ____________________________	     ______________________________
        Special Instructions		     YYYY ZZZZZ
					     (999) 555-5555