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Speaker Cabinet Dimension Entry Form

Shavano Music Online is attempting to create a database that contains a number of speaker cabinet measurements from different musical instrument manufacturers. We are not planning on tracking studio monitors or audiophile gear. If you would like to contribute to this database, please feel free to enter as much data as you are aware of for a given model Speaker Cabinet. This data will be made available to the users of the Web site as reference material at some future date. Data entry is pretty free form, as there are a lot of different cabinets that are unique.

Please list the following information about your speaker cabinets here

General Cabinet Information
Manufacturer of Cabinet: Model Number:(if known) Intended use:(Guitar, Bass, etc.) Speaker Configuration:(2 X 12 inch, etc.) Used With:(Brand/Model of Amp)
Outside Dimensions
Height: Width: Depth: Number of Ports:(Amount - blank = 0) Size of Ports:(Diameter of opening)
If it has a sloped front, such as some Marshall Cabinets, please indicate the variations here:

If you are able to tell what its made out of, please let us know. Don't take it apart just for filling in this form. It will most likely be one of: Pine, Plywood, Particle Board, or another type of wood. Please indicate the units of measurement used (Inches or Metric - the database will provide both).
             Side Material:(Pine, Plywood, etc.)
   Side Material Thickness:(Inches or mm/cm)
    Speaker Mounting Board:(Pine, Plywood, etc.)
Speaker Mounting Thickness:(Inches or mm/cm)
       Back Cover Material:(Pine, Plywood, etc.)
      Back Cover Thickness:(Inches or mm/cm)
        Cabinet Covered in:(Tolex, Carpet, etc.)
    Cabinet Covering Color:(Black, Grey, etc.)

Corners:(Metal, Plastic, etc.) Handles: Wheels: Logo:(Does it have one? Where?)
Additional information to be aware of:
Your name will not appear in the listing for any Speaker Cabinet submission unless you specifically request it. I may want to send you an Email to discuss your entry, this is why I am requesting an Email address.
        Your Email Address:(optional)
    Include Email Address?:(Y or N)

When Finished, please select the 'Submit' button. Thanks for providing this information.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us!

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